1. Composition of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Mr. R. Surender Reddy - Chairperson,

Mr. Hari Kishen Gupta - Member,

Col. S. B. Nair - Member

2. CSR policy.

HRC’s CSR Policy intends to: Embrace responsibility for the Company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities to alleviate hunger, poverty and malnutrition; to protect the environment; and to support communities, stakeholders and society.

The CSR Committee shall decide on the locations for CSR activities and formulate and recommend to the Board for approval a CSR annual action plan, which shall contain all matters which are required under Applicable Law and any other matters as the CSR Committee may deem fit from time to time. The Board may modify the annual action plan as per the recommendations of the CSR Committee at any time during the financial year, based on a reasonable justification.

3. CSR Projects approved by the Board

Hyderabad Race Club carries out its CSR activities through

HRC Charitable trust:-

HRC Charitable Trust was formed to promote education, medical aid, relief for the poor, promotion of Indian culture, awarding scholarship for research, promotion of sports and games and advancement of any other object of General public utility.

Trust entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Sivananda Rehabilitation Home (SRH), Hyderabad to augment its charitable objects under the name and style of Hyderabad Race Club Eye Centre.

Hyderabad Race Club which is the founder of this Trust donated an amount of Rs. 2.80 Crores to Sivananda Rehabilitation Home (SRH) for the construction Eye Centre and for buying of equipment with advanced technology. HRC is regularly donating for the running operations of the HRC Eye Centre. 

SRH provided 7500 sft of space on the second floor of Ramdev Hospital run by them.

HRC Charitable Trust in collaboration with Sivananda Rehabilitation Home is running and maintaining Hyderabad Race Club Eye Centre. The objective of HRC Charitable Trust through this HRC Eye Centre is to provide Eye care facilities to the poor, socially backward and needy sections of the society free of cost and at substantially subsidised cost for some facilities.

2.The Retired Race Horse welfare Society:- 

Main aim of the Retired Race Horse Welfare Society:-

1. To look after the abandoned / retired race horses after they finish their racing comes and for such horses which need care.

2. To protect the wellbeing / dignity pride of a retired race horse' and any other horses.

3. 3. The horses under the society which are physically fit will be utilized to train fresh and young riders and for promotion of equestrian activities free of cost or at a nominal donation to the Society.