No transactions are permitted other than at the Totalizators (on course or through online web/mobile app transactions on the HRCs Totalizators only) or with Bookmakers.

Any one contravening this rule will be severely dealt with and shall be liable for being ejected from the HRCs premises.

a)      No transactions for less than Rs.100/- win or place on races conducted at Race Course, Malakpet, shall be accepted by Bookmakers.

b)      No transactions for less than Rs.60/- win or place shall be accepted by Bookmakers on Intervenue Transactions conducted at the Race Course, Malakpet.

A   Bookmaker shall be bound to accept a liability of Rs.2,500/- at the odds shown on his board for Win.  Persons making book transactions are warned that as far as possible they should confirm their transactions or otherwise make sure that they have been accepted.  Neglect of this, in the event of a dispute, may invalidate their claim.

Transactions on objections is not permitted.

Persons making cash transactions of Rs.2,000/- or over are warned that Bookmakers are forbidden to accept such transactions unless the name of the backer is given when the transaction/s is made.  Bookmakers are also required to record the names and addresses of backers making transactions of Rs.5,000/- or more and of those winning Rs.10,000/- or more.

All transaction/s complaints must be reported immediately in writing to the Chief Operating Officer/Secretary, at the Hyderabad Race Club office.

Bookmakers will pay on 3 placed horses when there are 8 or more starters in a race and on 2 placed horses when there are 4 and less than 8 starters in a race.

In the event of the requisite number of starters as above being left in at the commencement of transactions and one or more not coming under the Starters Orders,  Place  transactions  shall  still  be 1, 2, 3 or 1, 2 as the case may be.

In the case of transactions struck before it has been officially notified that a horse has been withdrawn before coming under Starters Orders., or the Stewards have declared a horse a non-starter, if the Stewards consider that such withdrawal of the horse from the race, would have any material effect on the odds of the remaining horses, the liability of the layer on the win and place transactions on the race may be reduced in accordance with the following scale depending on the current odds against the withdrawn  horse at the time of such official notification.

a)               If the current odds are evens or odds on, by 50 ps. in the Rupee.

b)               If over evens and under 4 to 1 by 25 ps. in the Rupee.

c)               If 4 to 1 and under 10 to 1, by 12 ps. in the Rupee.

d)               If 10 to 1 or over, the liability will remain unchanged.

However, in case where there is/are more than one horse being declared a non-starter/withdrawn, the deduction would be calculated on the shortest/lowest odds prevailing on the withdrawn horses.

In the event of a Dead-Heat, the Bookmakers liability (including investment) will be reduced by 50% e.g., for an effective transaction of Rs.100 for win/place, say at 5-1 i.e., Rs.500/100, a punter will receive Rs.300/- if the horse he/she has backed dead-heats with another horse for Win or Place.

Persons making cash transactions with the Bookmakers are informed that the time limit for encashment of winning cash cards has been fixed at 15 days from the day of issue of such cards.  In case the holder of a winning cash card is unable to contact the Bookmaker concerned, he should arrange to submit such winning card during working hours to the office of the Hyderabad Race Club within the stipulated time limit, when the same will be passed on to the Bookmaker concerned for payment if otherwise in order.

Bookmakers will collect GST @ 28% on all transactions laid or agreed to be laid on all Races and are authorized to collect 3% inclusive of tax towards administration charges.

A list of Backers who fail to settle their accounts when due must be immediately circulated among the other Bookmakers operating at the Meeting. No further credits must be given to persons whose names appear in the list until such accounts are settled in full.  When such accounts are settled, the Bookmaker concerned must at once report the matter to the Chief Operating Officer/Secretary.

Settling with Bookmakers will be in their respective stalls between 11.00 A.M. and 12 Noon on the day following each race day. In the case of consecutive race days, settling for the first day will be at the Race Course on the following day one hour before the first race.


The Rules governing the Totalizators are exhibited in all the Enclosures at the Race Course, Malakpet, HRCs Off-Course Tote Centres and on HRCs website  All investors and holders of the offline receipts or online web/mobile transaction receipt/transaction number shall be deemed to have made themselves acquainted with the rules and to have agreed to be bound thereby.

1.Every investor must satisfy himself or herself before leaving the counter/window the correctness/details of receipts received or the amount of dividend or refund payable to him or to her as the case may be.  No claim in respect of the issue of receipts or in respect of short payments of dividend or refunds will be entertained after the investor has left the counter/window. In case of online web/mobile transactions the investors must satisfy themselves before confirming the transactions.

Patrons are requested to note that no receipt can be cancelled once the investor has left the counter/window or the next receipt from that counter/window is issued in case of offline transactions. In case of online web/mobile app transactions once the transaction/s is/are done the same cannot be cancelled under any circumstances, as such patrons are requested to be doubly sure before placing transactions.

2.Any investor may invest an unlimited amount, Win or Place on any horse.

3. (a) The transactions will be closed at the actual start of each race simultaneously at Race Course, Malakpet, HRCs Off-Course Tote Centres and on online web/mobile apps and no investment shall be received under any circumstances whatsoever after the race start bell is given.

 (b) All Transactions operations will be closed during the course of loading operations at the time when a last horse is remaining for loading into the starting gates for all races of all Off-Course Racing centres.

4.Cheques or Foreign currency will not be accepted.  Coins, One Rupee and Two Rupee notes will also not be accepted at the counters/windows.

5.Torn or disfigured or mutilated receipts will not be paid.  The Stewards may however pay torn receipts at their discretion.  Under no circumstances will any dividend be paid unless the correct receipts are surrendered.

6.In the event of a race being ordered to be run again or in case of a false start or breakaway after which the Stewards give permission for any horse/s not to return to the Starting point, transactions in favour of such horse/s shall be refunded.

7.In calculating the dividends by the number of receipts/transactions based on the winning/ winning combinations of all the totalizator pools, Clubs Commission/Operation costs and Government Taxes applicable from time to time will be  deducted and refunds if any and fractions of Rupee will not be paid in all the Pools.

8.In respect of any race or races in connection with which the recording machinery is found by the Stewards to have been or to be at fault, the Stewards are empowered to make such adjustments they consider fair and equitable for the purpose of calculating dividends and the dividends for such race or races will be calculated in accordance with such adjustments and declared accordingly.

9.No payment will be made on any receipt/transaction  which does not tally with the totalizator recording.

10.In the case of any objection at the scales, transactions on the Totalizator will be paid on the decision of the Stewards, Hyderabad Race Club.

11.Payment will be made against production of a Winning Receipt with the correct code/ Sl.No., and in case of online web/mobile app transactions will be as per the transaction/receipt numbers to the account holders. However, subsequently should another similar receipt with the same code/computer Sl. No. be presented, such receipt will not be paid as the totalizator issues only one receipt of any particular code or Sl. No.

12.All disputes shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the Stewards of the Hyderabad Race Club whose decision shall be final and binding on both parties.

13.If there is any matter not provided for under the Rules of any of the transaction events at Hyderabad Race Club the decision of the Stewards on such matter shall be final.

14.The decision of the Stewards of the Club as to the amount payable to the successful investors shall apart from any manifest error appearing in the calculation thereof or in sorting out the maximum winners be conclusive.

15.Totalizator Pools as referred to in these rules would be only in respect of the taking at this centre under the auspices of Hyderabad Race Club.

16.The Stewards of the Hyderabad Race Club may decide to conduct transactions at the Race Course, Malakpet and/or at any other place/s as may be decided by them from time to time on races run at Hyderabad or other Racing Centre/s.

17.(a) Intervenue Transactions Days shall mean the day on which the Hyderabad Race Club is accepting transactions and operating the Totalizators for races held at any other racing centre.

(b)Racing Centres shall be any CENTRE at which races are conducted and on which the Hyderabad Race Club operates inter-venue transactions at the Race Course, Malakpet  and/or any Off-Course Tote Centres and on online web/mobile app of Hyderabad Race Club, Turf Winners and Paytm First Games linked to the Hyderabad Race Clubs Totalizator System.

(c)Seasons for the Intervenue transactions at Hyderabad on races run at any other racing centre, shall mean the race days originally fixed in the prospectus of the concerned racing centre for which the Hyderabad Race Club decides to operate the Totalizators at Hyderabad and shall also mean to include any extra days in addition to the days originally fixed in the prospectus of the concerned racing centre, for which the Hyderabad Race Club decides to operate the Totalizators.

18.The Totalizator at Race Course, Malakpet will operate both online/ offline transactions on Jackpot, Treble, Tanala, Forecast, Quinella, Win, Place, Second Horse Pool, Third Horse Pool and Mini Jackpot Pool on a race day and on an Intervenue Transactions day and any or all of these pools at Off course Tote Centre(s) in respect of races run at Hyderabad Race Club or at any racing centre as may be decided by the Stewards of the Hyderabad Race Club from time to time.

19.(a) On an Intervenue transactions Day, in the case of any objection at the scales, transactions on the Totalizators will be paid on the decision of the Stewards of the concerned Racing Centres.

(b) In the event of the Information regarding the winning and placed horses of any of the races being not available from the racing centre on account of failure in the communication system within one hour from the advertised time of the last race for the day at the racing centre, then the declaration and payment of the dividend will be made on the following day.

( c )  In the event of racing being abandoned on any day at the concerned racing centre.

(i) Before the first selected race of Jackpot and/or Treble event or the selected race/s for Tanala, Forecast, Quinella, Win, Place, Second Horse Pool, Third Horse Pool & Mini Jackpot Pool the purchase price of the receipt/ transaction valid for the respective event for the day at Hyderabad will be refunded.

(ii) After one or more selected race/s of the concerned event have been run at the racing centre, but before the last selected race of the event, then the dividend will be calculated at Hyderabad in conformity with the rules of the respective pools on unit transaction nominating the Winner/s of the selected race/s which has/have been run at the racing centre.

20.Receipts will be provided at the Race Course, Malakpet and Off Course Tote Centres operated by the Hyderabad Race Club for all the pools from 9.00 AM onwards on the day of races or a day prior timings as specified by the Stewards and in case of online web/mobile application transactions can be done from two days prior to start of each race through online web/mobile app of Hyderabad Race Club, Turf Winners and Paytm First Games linked to the Hyderabad Race Clubs Totalizator System.

21.Payment on winning receipts purchased at any off course Tote Centres operated by the Hyderabad Race Club and at Race Course, Malakpet will be made at any off course Tote Centres subject to the availability of cash at that centre or at Race Course, Malakpet upto half-an-hour after the ALL CLEAR  being given for the last race of the day. In case of online transactions payments will be cleared immediately after All Clear for each race/event.

22.The un-redeemed receipts which have not been presented for payment in the next 7 days from the date of purchase will not be paid. However if the last day for such payment happens to be a non-race day such un-redeemed receipts will be paid on next race day.

23.At the conclusion of each race if the riders of the placed horses have passed the Scales and no objection has been lodged at the scales against any of the placed horse, a white cone is hoisted and dividends for the tote pools will then be exhibited on the respective indicators.  If an objection is lodged against any of the placed horse, receipts will be paid in accordance with the decision of the Stewards, which for the purposes of these rules, shall be conclusive and final.

24.In the event of any net pool of any totalizator pool being carried over there being no winning (incl., combinations) receipts/transactions  on any race of the Hyderabad Races or on any other racing centre/s, the same shall be carried forward and the entire amount or split into two or three parts as deemed fit will be added to the net concerned pool of any Hyderabad Race Day or any other racing centre races as nominated by the Stewards of the Club. There shall not be any further deductions in the net carried forward amounts.

25. All Totalizator Pools are independent of each other pools.


Horses are deemed to have come under Starters Orders on a signal being given by the Starter by means of a White Flag when he has finally dispatched the field.


1. The Weighed-in indicating All Clear will be signalled by hoisting a White Cone near the paddock and Course Jockeys Name Boards and displaying a Green Light near the Bookmakers Ring.

(a) On an objection being lodged, a Red Cone will be hoisted at the said places and a Red Light displayed in the Bookmakers Ring.

(b) Similarly on a Stewards Enquiry being opened, a Royal Blue cone will be hoisted and a Blue Light displayed in the Bookmakers Ring.

( c ) On an objection being upheld and/or the placings revised following a Stewards Enquiry, the Red Cone/Royal Blue Cone will be lowered and a half Red and half White Cone hoisted and a Red and White Light displayed in the Bookmakers Ring.

(d) In the event of an objection being over ruled/placings remaining unaltered consequent to a Stewards Enquiry, the Red Cone/Royal Blue Cone will be lowered and a White Cone hoisted.

(e)In all cases of objections/Stewards Enquiries, Notices will be put up stating either objection over ruled/upheld and the order of revised placings if any, as ordered by the Stewards at the above-mentioned places.

2. No horse may carry more than 3 kgs. Overweight in any race at the Meeting without the special permission of the Stewards. The permission must be applied for, before the Starting Declaration Box for that race is opened.

3. The weights given have been carefully checked and are believed to be correct, but the Management will not hold itself responsible for any inaccuracy. Any alteration in weights or colours will be posted on the Notice Boards.

4. The Mounting Bell will be rung 10 minutes before the time advertised for each race. Owners and Trainers are particularly requested to assist the Management in enforcing punctuality.

5. Trainers are advised to make sure that the number clothes on their horses are clearly visible.


Starting Declaration for all the races must be in the respective Boxes set apart for each race not later than 09-30 a.m. on the day previous to the races.


Should there be no photograph available when called for by the Judge, the Judge will forth with announce his decision.


In the event of a person being unable to run a horse in Colours as declared in the OFFICIAL RACE CARD, the JOCKEY will wear ALL BLACK. A set of these Colours may be obtained from the Clerk of the Scales.

**Please note that there may be additional and differing rules and regulations for online users compared to offline totalizator customers, as per governmental guidelines. For online portal rules, please refer to, and for offline totalizator rules, visit