Racing Incidents  
CHEYENNE - Racing Incidents
Race Day Race Date Remarks Running Race Number
31 17-02-2014 Returned bleeding 241
19 05-01-2014 Jky. reproted hanging in, Tr. advised. 145
4 11-11-2013 Jky. severely cautd., for failing to position his mount to advantage in the intial stages of the race 26
27 21-10-2013 Jky. reptd., hanging in, Tr. advised 206
26 14-10-2013 Jky cautioned for faiing to position his mount to the advantage in the initial stages of race. 195
19 23-09-2012 Trailed the field for greater part, Tr. advised 139
Golden Jubilee 1961 - 2011
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