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    NOTICE WINTER 2017-18

    Summary of Stakes HWR 2017-18

  1st Day   Sunday 05th November 2017    -- View
  2nd Day   Monday 06th November 2017    -- View
  3rd Day   Sunday 12th November 2017    -- View
  4th Day   Sunday 19th November 2017    -- View
  5th Day   Monday 20th November 2017    -- View
  6th Day   Sunday 26th November 2017    -- View
  7th Day   Monday 27th November 2017    THE GOLCONDA 1000 GUINEAS View
  8th Day   Sunday 03rd December 2017    -- View
  9th Day   Sunday 10th December 2017    -- View
  10th Day   Monday 11th December 2017    THE GOLCONDA 2000 GUINEAS View
  11th Day   Sunday 17th December 2017    -- View
  12th Day   Monday 18th December 2017    -- View
  13th Day   Sunday 24th December 2017    -- View
  14th Day   Sunday 31st December 2017    -- View
  15th Day   Wednesday 03rd January 2018    THE GOLCONDA OAKS View
  16th Day   Monday 08th January 2018    THE BYERLY TURK MILLION View
  17th Day   Wednesday 17th January 2018    THE DARLEY ARABIAN MILLION View
  18th Day   Sunday 21st January 2018    -- View
  19th Day   Monday 22nd January 2018    -- View
  20th Day   Sunday 28th January 2018    THE GOLCONDA DERBY STAKES View
  21st Day   Monday 29th January 2018    THE KAKATIYA MILLION View
  22nd Day   Saturday 03rd February 2018    -- View
  23rd Day   Saturday 10th February 2018    -- View
  24th Day   Monday 05th February 2018    THE GODOLPHIN BARB MILLION View
  25th Day   Sunday 18th February 2018    -- View
  26th Day   Monday 19th February 2018    -- View
  27th Day   Sunday 25th February 2018    -- View
  28th Day   Monday 26th February 2018    THE ALCOCK ARABIAN MILLION View
  81st Day   Thursday 01st March 2018    Extra Day View
  82nd Day   Friday 02nd March 2018    Extra Day View
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