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Posted On :Fri, October, 09, 2015

The Hyderabad Race Club has recently published a bi annual  Racing Journal , Horse Power . The first issue has a cover feature on the late  JS Dhariwal  , very interesting article with some of his rare photographs, besides  the journal has plenty of interesting reading material including the history of the one of the oldest races in the country , the Nizam’s Gold  Cup , copies of the  letters written to the Nizam by the race club in the 1880s for sponsorship are also published . It has an article with details of the inauguration of the race course at Malakpet when racing went back in 1968 to the Malakpet Race Course after  a few decades along with interesting photographs . There are also plenty of nostalgic photographs , archival material and articles on the champion professionals of the last Hyderabad Monsoon and Winter Racing

The cost of the Journal including speed post charges in India would be Rs 150 , the payment in favour of the Secretary , Hyderabad Race Club may be sent by Demand Draft or  a money order to the following address, Secretary , Hyderabad Race Club , D No 16-10-1/A/1 , Malakpet , Hyderabad 500036 , Telangana.

However , residents of Hyderabad may collect copies of Horse Power from the above address on payment of Rs 100,  for any further details do send a mail to

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